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ROV Camera Inspections

As fire water tanks age, the current legislation dictates they should be inspected internally and externally with a report provided of the tanks overall condition. As is often the case, taking tanks off line and subsequently removing sprinkler cover to site is not a desirable option to the customer. Using the latest technology remotely operated vehicle cameras, or ROV’s in short, we are able to carry out a full internal inspection of a tank without the need for costly drain downs, insurance impairments, loss of sprinkler cover and confined space entries into the tanks.

Using our ROV’s, video footage is taken of the inspection, with photos taken from the video to be included in a detailed photographic report which presents the condition of the tank in clear photographic detail.

As part of the inspection, ultrasonic testing is carried out on the tank panels to ascertain the thickness of the metal tank panels, the result are included as part of the final report.

Our ROV’s can be deployed in all manner of applications, including cylindrical tanks both lined and mastic sealed, square tanks C/w internal bracing systems, above & below ground concrete chambers, GRP structures, welded tanks and outdoor lagoons.


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