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Non-Invasive Tank Cleaning

As the market leading tank remedial company, Hydrov Ltd are the first and only company to offer  none invasive tank cleaning to the Sprinkler industry, which has revolutionised the way companies are servicing and maintaining their critical assests.

Utilising the latest robotic technology, Hydrov Ltd are able to offer a clean out service to remove all sediment and debris from water tanks while the tank remains full and on line. This eliminates the need for costly drain downs, insurance impairments and the need for confined space trained personnel to enter confined spaces.

Our fully submergible robot is operated by our skilled technicians across the entire diameter of the tank floor, carefully removing all sediment and debris. The filtered sediment and debris is then removed from site and suitably disposed of.

As part of the clean out, an early warning survey is also carried out with a brief report then supplied to customers. Any developing issues are highlighted during the survey and detailed within the report, giving customers the vital up front information as to the current condition of their critical fire fighting asset.

With this new innovative piece of equipment, Hydrov are revolutionising the way fire water tanks are maintained and serviced. This new service now allows for companies to plan a scheme of on going preventative maintenance to ensure their tanks are in optimum condition, rather than the traditional reactive mind set that see’s tanks off line and sprinkler cover lost while defects are hastily repaired.


Please contact our Sales team on sales@hydrov.co.uk or 03333 660267 for further details.